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ICEolate Boot

It’s been said that the great horsemen and women can find their horse's legs in a dark stable by touch alone. All equestrians should strive, in this partnership we have chosen, to exhibit the best horsemanship possible. ICEolate is here to help with that. We designed ICEolate to withstand the rigors of equestrian sport and yet still maintain a superior sensitivity. The human finger can, at the best of times, distinguish a 3 degree temperature change. ICEolate monitors to the tenth of a degree. 0.10. We equipped our patented sensor matrix with Blue Tooth that allows the leg to be monitored every stride. ICEolate tracks and masses all this data and then sends it to your phone with the MobileICE app. ICEolate and MobileICE work in concert to alert you when the temperature in the monitored areas spikes, indicating an area of concern. ICEolate can aslo help in rehabbing an already injured horse. Since it watches for temperature spikes so closely, ICEolate can also track warming trends. If, during a rehab session, ICEolate detects abnormal warming it can send an alert to MobileICE thereby preventing a potential setback. All this information can then be compiled into the easy to read and shareable ICEotherm PDF report.


Everything needs a brain to function and MobileICE is our brainchild. This app is real time, all the time. As you ride, MobileICE is listening to everything ICEolate is saying. MobileICE alerts you instantly when your horse experiences a heat spike. MobileICE will show you which leg is experiencing an event, where on the leg the event is isolated, (see what we did there) and outline for you what specific structures are affected on the leg. Don’t worry if you happened to be out riding when they taught equine anatomy in school. MobileICE has detailed pictures, descriptions, time break downs and graphs to make it easy to understand. If you maybe went riding 2 or 3 days instead of just missing one day, MobileICE will gather all this info and give you an ICEotherm report to send to your vet, trainer, or your pal who was in class that day.

Why ICEolate

ICEolate is ready to go to work for you.

Experience: The StableICE team came from a long line of horsemen and women. We grew up with horses. We ride horses. We believe that through this science, we can do better for our horses.

Reputation: StableICE is a new company with new ideas. We have brought on board some of the largest names in the various Equine disciplines. They have used and tested our products and have given them their stamp of approval. We can’t think of a better way to make our mark than that.

Research: Our products have been YEARS in the making. We have spent countless hours both abroad and in the US hunting and searching for answers to some tough questions. We have asked scientists, doctors, engineers, and the neighbor next door for information, testing, and feedback. We patented our design and commit to continued innovation with every new piece of knowledge that comes our way.

What You Get

Your purchase of ICEolate provides you with a pair of the ICEolate boot tech, the MobileICE app, a convenient carrying case, ICEotherm report access, Cloud based storage of all your sessions, and best of all: peace of mind.

Coming Soon

ICEolate is currently being developed for joint specific concerns to include:

ICEolate Hock Wraps

ICEolate Stifle Sling


PressureICE is a complete wearable that goes between your saddle and your horse’s back. Modeled like a saddle pad, PressureICE will be able to distinguish heat spikes in your horse’s back AND tell a tale of saddle fit woe. Much to your trainer’s delight, it can also tattle tale on how balanced (or unbalanced) you are as a rider.